A Stirring

The Wild Unknown Nightingale

  Have you noticed lately a stirring everywhere? It seems like everyone I talk to lately is feeling this. Something getting stirred up inside. Something in their guts that is new or has maybe been buried for a while and it is getting brought up to the surface. A lot of people seem to be […]


Communication | Life Awesome Blog

  Communication. I fully believe that communication is one of the greatest keys to living a good life. With clear communication, most things are possible. But it’s a hard one, isn’t it? I have been thinking a lot about communication lately, especially as I make some big changes in my life. As a result of […]

That Busy Thing

That Busy Thing

  You say, you’re too busy. I say, you’re wasting time. Because you clearly aren’t doing enough. Because people, whose time is actually fully consumed, aren’t complaining about it. Because they are living their life – fully – and taking care of business along the way. Because they don’t have time to complain about how hectic their […]