What I am Loving

First off, apologies for missing this weekly post last week. I will do my best not to let it happen again. 🙂

1) City Views. I have a great view from my studio as it is right at Queen Eat and the DVP. From there, you can always see storms rolling in or how smoggy the day is. I love looking at Toronto from all of it’s angles. I love this city so much. When I was in University, I worked at the CN Tower. Everyday for those two summers I had the greatest view of Toronto. I recently photographed a corporate event at Panorama and loved seeing our city from there.

2) Quinoa. Quinoa is everywhere these days. And while I love consuming it, I had yet to take the plunge in cooking with it myself. I recently made this amazing quinoa salad and loved it. I have shared the recipe with everyone I know and they all agree. Instead of feta, I opted to use goat cheese. My friend Kim also recommends throwing some pine nuts in.

3) Singapore. A couple of weeks ago my friend Meghan and I went to a show at Magpie to see a band called Singapore. I never have expectations when I go see a band play who I have never heard of and I had no idea what to expect from Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised and loved their vibe. I may even go so far as to say they are my new favourite band. Visit their tumblr and download the EP. I cannot wait to see them play again.

4) Playing in the Park. Every Monday when I pick up my niece Li’l K from daycare, we head to the park to play. It is so much fun. We are outside, breathing fresh air and having a lot of laughs. What amazes me is the number of parents that take their kids to the park but don’t actually participate in the playing. This past Monday, I played with Li’l K and three other random kids while their parents watched passively.

5) Music in the park. During NXNE, there were musicians playing in Bellwoods park. I stopped by on the Thursday afternoon to check it out and hang with my friend Lisa. We had a little picnic and it was lovely. Random weekday afternoons free from work are rare so I am learning to embrace them when they come.

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