My favourite breakfast: Chilaquiles!

Chilaquiles | Jessica Blaine Smith

Breakfast, quite possibly, may be my favourite meal. During the days when I am busy working, I eat oatmeal with frozen berries for breakfast. I have my whole routine with it and it may sound a bit boring but I quite enjoy it. At this point, Josh refuses to eat it since he’s likely sick of that colourless mush. On days that we actually have off together, we have a nice and proper breakfast. Something that is often dubbed “Big Breakfast”.

While I love breakfast, my absolute favourite breakfast is any sort of (vegetarian) Mexican breakfast. I swear that this is the reason that I travel to Mexico so often, just for the breakfast (just kidding! It’s to visit these guys.). In Mexico, they just do breakfast right. This morning I was feeling a little Mexican inspired and we all of the ingredients on-hand so I made my absolute favourite Mexican breakfast: Chilaquiles.

Chil-a-qui-les. Say it aloud. It’s pretty fun. They are pretty messy but delicious. The basics that you will need are salsa, tortillas (called “totopos” in Mexico) and eggs (for a some protein). We did not have a lot of salsa so I plumped it up by adding 1/2 can of diced tomatoes and chopped onion, garlic and jalapeño. I cooked the chopped items in a little oil before adding the salsa and diced tomatoes. I also added some arugula because some extra greens is always a great idea. I let that heat up until it was bubbling. In a separate pan I started cooking the eggs. When the eggs were nearly done, I added the totopos to the salsa pan and gently stirred them in. They get a little soft, some parts stay a little crunchy and that’s delicious. Plate the salsa/totopos mixture and top with the eggs. You can then top the whole thing with sour cream or cheese or whatever the heck you want. There you go, real Mexican breakfast! Chilaquiles!

The totopos that we had today were the Neal Brothers Organic Blue with Flax. Josh was given them through work. I try to avoid chips but reading the ingredients, I was quite impressed as there was only five: Organic blue corn, organic sunflower oil, organic flax seed, sea salt and a trace of lime. Normally when we are making Mexican food, we go to La Tortilleria in Toronto to get real, fresh corn tortillas. These beat out all of the other tortillas that you can find in a grocery store here. Nothing compares and when you use the real thing, the flavours in your food are incredible. We often buy more than we need when we get them so that we have leftovers to make our own totopos. How do you do it? There are two ways: 1) Cut tortillas in quarters and fry with a little oil in a pan or 2) Cut tortillas in quarters and put on a baking sheet. Cook at 350 degrees until crispy (this is my preferred method).

Poached Eggs with Creamy Spinach | Jessica Blaine Smith

It was some miracle that we also had yesterday off so we had two days of Big Breakfast in a row! Yesterday, I followed this recipe for Poached Eggs on Creamy Spinach and added a veggie sausage to make it more filling. Delicious!

What did you make on this long Family Day weekend?

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