The Wedding Homestretch

The Homestretch |


The Homestretch |

In two days we will be walking down the aisle. It’s wild how quickly time passes. It was ten months ago that we got engaged and now it’s all happening. All of the planning and organising are going to come to fruition on April 1st and we couldn’t be more excited. It was early last week after I had emailed the last of our final itineraries to people, that I felt that big sigh of relief. Finally, everything was set and we were able to enjoy life again. The nights of waking up at 3am worrying about little details have passed. It feels great.

As we finished organising the final details of our wedding, this past month, it has also allowed us to free up a little, to relax, to know that we do got this and that everything is going to come together just as we dream it will. Yes, these past couple of weeks have included a couple more minor breakdowns (including last Wednesday when my makeup artist canceled on me with a week’s notice. Super cool!) but even still, I feel as though we have started living a little more again. Here are my tips for the weeks leading up to your wedding.

The Home Stretch |

Look After You
When we get wrapped into this wedding planning or any big life event really, the first thing that we stop doing is looking after ourselves. The weeks leading up to your wedding is the time to look after you. This month I did yoga every Sunday morning at Misfit Studio with the Loversland ladies as part of March Mindfulness. The first couple of weeks were sure a struggle to get up so early but after each class, I felt great. My mind was clear and my body felt strong. I used to be pretty dedicated to yoga and now feel the urge to get back into a regular routine of it, along with my usual Essentrics. Misfit is a wonderful place for that.

The Home Stretch |

For the past few months, we have been really good about eating and drinking right. We stopped eating treats and we stopped drinking beer. When I am having a bad day, my go-to has always been poutine and I managed to avoid it for three whole months. A couple of weeks ago, on a lazy Sunday, we indulged in a little layered-veggie poutine from Poutini’s and it was wonderful. Not having it for so long meant that it tasted that much better. Last week I also picked up a doughnut from Glory Hole Doughnuts which is located near our house. I just had to sample something from there new spring menu! It’s okay to indulge a little leading up to your wedding. At this point, your dress & suit fit so you are good to go. 🙂

The Home Stretch |

Those Pearly Whites
Last week we went to the Drugstore and bought all of the teeth whitening products possible. We had talked about doing it more as a joke but then we actually went through with it. (Please tell me that this is something that most brides and grooms do?!) We have been using these things daily for the past week and I have noticed a difference. You may not even recognise us on our wedding day!

The Home Stretch |

Get Your Hair Did
Both of us got haircuts this week so we look more human. I was adamant that we did this the week before our wedding. You know how guys look when they have just been to the barber – too fresh. Along with my makeup artist fiasco of last week, I also had to scramble to find a new hairstylist last Wednesday – one who could cut hair as well as come to my house on the wedding day to style it. Luckily Rachel at Quinn West pulled through and I am very excited about it.

The Home Stretch | The Home Stretch |

Hang with your People
For the past few months, we have been hermits. It’s not just because winter in Toronto was brutally cold, but also because we were saving money for this wedding (the one that quickly became much more expensive than originally anticipated!). For the past few weeks, we have decided that it’s time to emerge from our home and see our friends. After all, the whole point of having this wedding is to celebrate with them so it seems silly that we haven’t had quality time with some of these friends in months. We have had some great dinners and drinks lately with some wonderful friends at awesome new Toronto places such as Bar Raval and Furlough. On Sunday, we threw axes at BATL with a fun group of people who will be attending our wedding. We had doughnuts and cava and threw axes at targets. It was basically the best afternoon ever.
The Home Stretch |

Other Last Minute Tips
– Drink water, all of the water! Trust me on this, I am a portrait photographer. If you want glowing skin at your wedding be well hydrated.
– Put an autoresponder on your email. If you are like me and run your own business, this is crucial. Let your clients know that you will be away and put that autoresponder on your email to further remind them.
– Delegate all tasks to other people and then let it go. Trust that they will actually follow your instructions and now those tasks are now in their hands, not yours.
– Smile and enjoy this awesome time in your life. It’s going to pass much too quickly.

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  1. I am so jealous of everyone who gets to attend this wedding! I know it’s going to be amazing. Have a fantastic day, look forward to seeing pics! 🙂

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