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Embrace Fear | Life Awesome Blog

Have you ever not succeeded at something in life because you let fear get in the way? I am going to guess the answer is yes. And that it is yes for nearly every human.

Fear is a funny thing. It’s like our constant companion whispering in our ear.

I am not talented enough…
I am not thin enough…
I am not successful enough…
I am not rich enough…

We tell ourselves these things because ultimately we fear that the opposite is true. That if we are talented enough to get out there and succeed, then that means, we have to do it. That we have to risk everything and put ourselves on the centre stage. That we have to do the work. But when we let fear control our steering, we duck around all of this. It’s simply easier.

It’s easier to let fear dictate and make us believe that it is controlling our life. To give us excuses for not living a better life. Because only if I was thinner/wealthy/successful then, life would be grand but I am not and never will be. Because I am afraid.

Embrace Fear | Life Awesome Blog

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with this thought “I should not be here. What am I doing? I should be at home living my regular life. I am not worthy of where I am now.” The “where” being on this one month retreat away from concrete work (see: making money) and away from all that is 100% familiar to me. But that was fear waking me up in the middle of the night, telling me that I was not worthy and that I do not deserve this even though practical me knows how much I worked to be sitting her typing right now. Fear woke me up in the middle of the night last night and I am determined that it will not do so again (or at least until I return home!).

If you are constantly living in fear, are you ever actually enjoying life? 

I will say you are not. That it is simply not possible to.

So I say this: embrace fear. Embrace what scares you. Those stories you tell yourself about not being good enough. Embrace them. Use them and that fear as fire to light you up, to prove them wrong and to truly start living the life that you dream of.

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