One Month Ago

One Month Ago | Life Awesome Blog

I am nearly all caught up on my (photography) work. Just a couple of small things to finish up and that’s it. A month ago today we were taking our last wander of Mexico City. Walking the streets of Condesa and soaking in every detail. The variety of dogs being walked and trained and lined up in the parks. The tree-lined streets. The brightly painted murals. The whistles of street vendors. The remnants and reminders of the earthquake five months prior. We took our time on the last day, quietly wandering. Sitting on park benches. A last chilaquiles at an outdoor cafe. Thirty-five days in Mexico and the idea of leaving was bittersweet. We loved our apartment in Puerto Escondido. We loved our time in Mexico City. But our actual life was calling and it was time to return.

One Month Ago | Life Awesome Blog

We landed back in Toronto a month ago today, running. That is what I keep telling people. They look back in response with sympathetic eyes. But that is not what I am looking for. And then I realise that no one will understand the wildness of our lives (nor will I ever fully understand the wildness of yours). We landed running. We bought a 3′ x 2′ white board in an attempt to keep track of it all. It now sits on an easel in our living room, our meeting place. Reminders of our growing list of things to accomplish. We landed running. I was thrust back into photography. Suddenly my calendar was full and I spent days shooting and evenings culling because there was no other time left to get it done. We landed running and that slow-paced Mexican life seems so far away. What of that life did we learn and bring back to this life here? When we first walked into our home one month ago, my first thought was: why do we have so much stuff? What do we actually need? And then we were running. Meetings and emaling. Creating proposals and emailing. Small talk and attending events where we needed to support friends, speak in rooms of people, be seen.

We landed running and it has now been a full month of it. But my (photography) work is nearly done (for now). And I am exhausted. The hustle never ends as a small business owner, especially when multiple businesses are involved. But I choose to do this. To live this wild, wacky and full life. I just need to work on finding more balance with this and our life as it was back in Mexico.

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  1. John Treguboff says: Reply

    When you return home it can be somewhat remorseful wondering if we just had a few more days what else could have been.

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