Birds Oracle Deck – An Update

Birds Oracle Deck | ©Jessica Blaine Smith

UPDATE: My BIRDS ORACLE DECK is now available over at Golden Blue.

Hello friends! It has been three months since I announced that I was working on my own Oracle Deck and while I have been quiet here about it, I have been posting progress images along the way on my Instagram. I thought that since a lot of people have been asking I should give a little update on the deck on this here blog. It makes me feel so good that so many of you are interested in the deck. It all feels so good and so right.

Back in January, we spent a month in Mexico in Puerto Escondido. We really wanted to spend some time away from our regular lives and to work on some new projects, including my Birds Oracle Deck. My Illustrator, Mia Freeman, and I have been working on the deck since the end of last summer and I realised that in order to really get it done, I needed to get away from it all and give some real time to its creation. So we went to Mexico and it was exactly what I needed. Every morning I would wake up with the sun, do my morning ritual and then get down to work. Writing and scheming. Writing and dreaming. Writing and getting distracted by the birds flitting in front of me and then having to take a break to photograph them. It was perfect. Josh would work on his own projects and together we would take breaks, a walk, a bit to eat and we would talk about what we were doing. Some days I would be stuck on a bird and we would literally talk about it for what seemed like hours and then suddenly the answer would be there. And throughout this time, I would email Mia with my updated words – me in Mexico, her in Australia – and she would then get to work on her end. Creating beautiful illustrations of these stunning birds, all based on my words written for them.

Birds Oracle Deck | ©Jessica Blaine Smith

When we first planned this trip, I thought in my mind that the deck would be complete by the time February 6th, our return date, hit. About halfway into the adventure, I knew that this deadline was likely not realistic and now here we are, April 11th and still, the deck is not completed. The process of creating something, when it is a collaboration takes  much longer. The process of creating something, when you have various vendors to make the physical things, takes much longer. But I am patient and I understand that anything good is worth the way. I also understand that timing is everything so I am trusting that this is all working out exactly as it needs to be.

So where are we at? Tomorrow the books arrive at my home and if all goes well, I will get news by the end of the month that the decks are on their way. Once I know this, I will start my pre-sales for the Deck (and maybe, just maybe, there will be a bonus gift for the first 50 to buy it!). I will be selling the deck through Golden Blue as well as in some shops local to me. And yes, I also plan on doing readings with it, should you fancy one. And maybe even there will be a launch party! Stay tuned!

All in all, I cannot wait to have my Birds Oracle Deck in my hot little hands. I cannot wait to hold the cards. To feel them. To sort through them. To use them. Nearly exactly a year ago the their seed was planted and it’s been such a fun journey to bring them to reality.

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