Lessons from Mexico

Lessons from Mexico | Life Awesome Blog

Gestures of kindness can change lives. Theirs. And yours.

Say hi to strangers.

Be generous whenever possible. Generous with your money. Your skills. Your time.

Spend as much time outside as possible.

Eat what is fresh. What is in season. What is local.

Find someone who can fix that broken thing.

Support local and independent shops, restaurants, services. Only shop at them.

Be grateful for all that you have.

Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. Really see them.

Pet that dog and cat. Give them some love.

Listen to the birds. Learn their names.

Sit and drink your coffee. Never get take out.

Bring your own cup. Your own straw. Your own tupper.

Look at the moon. Marvel at its energy.

Say yes to any opportunity or adventure that is thrown your way. It just may alter your life. Your perspective. Your future.

Laugh. Laugh often. Laugh loudly.

Make silly faces at babies and small children when their parents are not looking.

Walk. It is great exercise.

Tip as much as you can afford.

Tell those in your life how much you love and appreciate them.

When your body asks for it, give it rest.

A hammock is the perfect napping place.

Know that everyone is just doing the best of what they are capable of at this time.

Look out the window.


Wear sunscreen.

Donate what you no longer need.

Avoid purchasing things with plastic. Be mindful of your waste. Look for ways to cut it down.

Swim in the ocean. Run your bare feet in the sand.

Turn off your phone. Disconnect from online life and reconnect with real life.

Ride the bus.

Pair down your closet.

Simplify your life.

(Why do you have so much stuff?)

Meet new people.

Be an organ donator.

Watch out for topes.

Move everyday. Yoga. Pilates. Stretches. Whatever feels good for you, do it. Everyday.

Dream big.

Pay artists. (This includes musicians.)

Do not call things “cheap”. It is offensive. Instead use “affordable”.

Eat where and what the locals are eating.

Speak the language. And if you don’t know it that well, at least try. Every word counts.

Respect. The people. The culture. The place. Yourself.



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