Hello + Welcome 

I am a freelance photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to my camera and to my “never say never” attitude, I have experienced some pretty great things in this life. When I am not out photographing people, you can find me traveling the globe, eating good food, sipping on cocktails, seeing live music, being crafty and spending time with the love of my life, bartender-extraordinaire Josh Lindley. Together we meld our skills and run Bartender Atlas.

I love poutine and pilates. I love people. I love life. This is my personal blog for all things travel-, food-, booze-, business-, crafty-, life-related. To view my actual photography site, please go to jbsmithblog.com.

I am available for photography and for writing and anything else that you think I may be suited to assist you with.

Jessica at Uluru | Life Awesome Blog