Treat Like Gold

Treated Like Gold | Life Awesome Blog

  Ramblings from a Toronto cafe… If you work in customer service it is your job to be friendly to those who walk into your door or who wish to spend money on your services. Being friendly is part of your job. Full stop. Your job is not to pass judgement or have pre-conceived notions […]

That Busy Thing

That Busy Thing

  You say, you’re too busy. I say, you’re wasting time. Because you clearly aren’t doing enough. Because people, whose time is actually fully consumed, aren’t complaining about it. Because they are living their life – fully – and taking care of business along the way. Because they don’t have time to complain about how hectic their […]

Own You

Own You |

  This past month has been a pretty busy one for me and my cameras. I have been photographing a lot of people, most of which have been adults and I have been photographing them in all kinds of situations. I have been doing this portrait photography thing for quite a while now and something […]